The Climate School

We enable companies to upskill and engage all employees to succeed in the sustainable transition.

Our offers

An online learning experience, made of 150+ microlearning chapters, 100% customizable, to engage and upskill your employees in your sustainable transition.

Two main learning courses :



To understand climate change, biodiversity collapse, natural resource depletion, and the impact on our lives.

  • 6 learning courses to master the fundamental scientific principles about Climate & biodiversity
  • Microlearning chapters ( 5min videos)
  • Quizzes to ensure good understanding

2/ ACT

How to take action, in your company and in your day-to-day job 

  • 5 courses on environmental footprints
  • 8 courses focusing on specific jobs (Legal, IT, Purchasing, Finance, HR, ...)
  • Microlearning chapters (5min videos)
  • Quizzes to ensure good understanding

What’s our difference ?

Next generation E-learning

Next generation

Video training + quizzes to ensure understanding, combined with a leading pedagogical approach based on simplicity: simple to understand, simple to act on

Train ALL your staff

Train ALL
your staff

Our offer was designed to train all employees from all job functions, teaching them the required basics on Climate & Environment, and upskilling them in their specific job line

Taking action


We create movement by embracing a positive tone and outlining concrete steps which tip employees towards action. Today, more than 2 million learners have taken part in this movement

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Build your own school

Easy to setup in your organisation

  • We integrate the content in your learning tools, no IT decision or personal data required
  • We provide you with the marketing materials for your launch (email templates, videos, best practices, ...) and all courses are available in 9 languages

Customization & bespoke content production

  • All Climate School content is modular and can be white-labelled, filtered or put together the way you need
  • We can also build courses tailored for your organization and your specific needs (i.e. enriching the ACT courses with additional job-specific courses)

More than 50 clients


Of our users said they
learned something
new and useful with
the Climate School.


The Climate School reaches an NPS of +70 amongst our first clients

« The Climate School is the best experience I've had with online learning so far »,
« The content is superb »,
« So much useful information presented in an intriguing and engaging manner »

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